sandy roth and her fanfare welshies

About Our Home

Being raised on a dairy farm, I have had a love for animals all my life. After college and a brief career in teaching high school physical education and coaching the girls track team, I became a stay-at-home Mom. My husband, Dale and I raised two sons, both Penn State graduates. My hobby of showing and grooming dogs has led to many wonderful friendships across the country.

In 1969, we got our first purebred dog, a miniature schnauzer. I took obedience classes and this started my hobby of showing dogs. Through the years, I have owned miniature schnauzers, English cocker spaniels, a golden retriever and Welsh springer spaniels. I co-own some English springer spaniels and a field spaniel.

Welsh springer spaniels joined our family in 1985. While I do the training, traveling and showing, Dale supervises, feeds and plays with the dogs staying at home. We have 5 granddaughters who love to help socialize, train and groom the dogs. I started grooming dogs when I was showing the miniature schnauzers and I continue to do some grooming. I was very privileged to co-author a book on grooming with Eve Adamson titled The Simple Guide To Grooming Your Dog.

One of my main interests with the dogs is tracking and I am an AKC licensed judge for TD and TDX. The dog’s capacity to sniff various scents and distinguish various trails to follow is just amazing. I enjoy teaching classes for people to train their dogs to track. Dogs that I own compete in conformation, rally, tracking, agility and when time permits we do some field training and obedience.

Sandy Roth